Cover image featuring Plyco's popular timber bench tops used in a commercial restaurant
Mobile cover image featuring Plyco's popular timber bench tops used in a commercial restaurant

Laserply Club Rewards Program

With a Laserply Club membership you'll receive unbeatable prices and gain access to exclusive perks at Plyco.

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What is Laserply Club?

After nearly 20 years of operating, we're launching our very first rewards program!

We wanted to give back to the community of Laserply legends that have helped us to grow as a business. Rather than sharing the love by building friendship bracelets and booking tickets to Burning Man together, we thought a rewards program was more practical!

Download our complete list of eligible Laserply products.

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Eligible Laserply Club Products

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Plyco's Birch 3mm Laserply on a white background
Birch Laserply
Sale priceFrom $12.72
890 reviews
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's Micropanel Jarrah laser cutting MDF on a white background
Sale priceFrom $8.95
91 reviews
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's 2.5mm American Walnut Laserply Craft Pack, containing six sheets, on a white background
Laserply Craft Pack
Sale priceFrom $14.49
1012 reviews
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's Poplar 3mm Laserply on a white background
European Poplar Laserply
Sale priceFrom $21.05
922 reviews
In stock
Plyco's Eucalypt 3mm Laserply on a white background
Eucalypt Laserply
Sale priceFrom $36.71
38 reviews
In stock
Plyco's Radiata 3mm Laserply on a white background
Radiata Laserply
Sale price $13.55
610 reviews
In stock
Plyco's Hoop Pine 3mm Laserply on a white background
Hoop Pine Laserply
Sale priceFrom $40.25
934 reviews
In stock
Plyco's Narrow Grain Carbonised Bamboo 3mm Laserply on a white background
Bamboo Laserply - Carbonised
Sale priceFrom $41.33
558 reviews
In stock
Plyco's Jarrah 3mm Laserply on a white background
Jarrah Laserply
Sale priceFrom $41.63
921 reviews
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's Narrow Grain Natural Bamboo 3mm Laserply on a white background
Bamboo Laserply - Natural
Sale priceFrom $38.57
944 reviews
In stock
Plyco's 600 x 300 x 3mm Queensland Coachwood Legnoply plywood panel on a white background
Sale priceFrom $10.06
921 reviews
In stock
Plyco's Tasmanian Sassafrass 3mm Laserply on a white background
Tasmanian Sassafras Laserply
Sale priceFrom $40.39
918 reviews
In stock

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laserply Club is a customer rewards program exclusive to Plyco's Laserply community. The program allows members to earn points from purchasing Laserply products online. Members can earn additional points by following our social accounts, celebrating their birthday and referring friends! Members can earn additional points by performing actions such as writing product reviews, celebrating their birthday, referring friends and more.

If you'd like more information, download our Laserply Club brochure or contact us via our Contact Page.

We love your enthusiasm! To join the community, simply create an account. If you've already created an account with us, sign in to view your existing points and rewards.

Rewards earned and spent are eligible on all Laserply products. For a full list of products eligible for the program, view our Laserply product collection or download a PDF containing our complete list of Laserply products.

One dollar ($1.00) spent = one (1) point. To view how many points you have accumulated, log in to your account and visit your Account Details.

On this page, in the bottom corner there is a small orange button that has says rewards. When you click on that button, you will need to sign In and that's where you can see how many points you have accumulated.

To redeem points on eligible products, click the "Rewards" tab on the bottom right of this page. Once logged in, you'll see if any rewards are available for your account. If one is available, follow the prompts to receive a coupon code that can be used in the Gift Card section of the checkout page. Please note that coupon codes cannot be used on sale or already discounted items (such as Plyco's "Buy 9 Get 1 Free" offer).

Laserply Club points are our gift to you and have no expiration date!

In order for you to receive your reward, your friend must make their first purchase ($50 minimum). Once this is completed, you reward will be reflected in your Laserply Club account.

All points earned from that product will be deducted from your account if the product is returned.

Please get in touch with our Customer Support team by emailing or contacting us via our Contact Page. We’re here to help!

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