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Construction Plywood

A range of products designed by structural and non-structural applications, including Particleboard, MDF, Melamine, Pegboard and Plywood. 

A number of different products fall under the category of Construction Ply but the thing they all share in common is they are incredibly strong.Under this category you’ll find two sub-categories: Structural and Non-Structural panel products.

About the Collection

Structural Plywood is manufactured to a structural standard and is Forest Stewardship Council certified, which means it can be used for things like the bracing of houses. 

Non-Structural Plywood possesses very similar characteristics to the CD Structural Plywood but hasn’t been structurally rated, which means it can’t be used for things requiring a stress grading.Here you’ll find the product may have a B or C front face grade and a C or D back grade, however it always contains an A-Bond glue line.

Additionally, there is also Formply, which is structurally rated and manufactured using a high-density overlay of phenolic resin impregnated paper bonded to ply wood. This helps protect the hardwood face veneer and provides a sound, protected surface.

Plyco's CD Structural Pine panel product for building and construction applications
Plyco's Tongue and Groove Plywood Flooring For Australian Construction

Construction Plywood Applications

Construction Ply is extremely versatile and can be used in a massive amount of ways. Structural Plywood is the choice for jobs like flooring, the bracing of houses and applications where aesthetic appearance is not critical, while the Formply variety will often see use for concrete formwork and bridge building. 

In general, Structural Plywood is the right choice for any application requiring a known structural rating and stress grading. Non-Structural can still be used in ways like flooring and basically anything that does not require a rating or grading.

Quadro Plywood Collection


Plyco's Construction Panels can be cut into a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your custom project needs. If you have a particular project for which you require a tailored Construction Plywood product or if you're curious to learn what's possible, click the button below. 

Construction Plywood Customers

Construction Ply is most heavily used by builders and construction groups. The structurally rated and stress graded varieties are perfect for things like house building or construction where having a guarantee the product will perform to the required standard is vital.

Similarly, the products without any stress grading are still often used in building and construction, albeit for purposes that don’t have the same requirements for structural grading.