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Architectural Plywood

A vast array of versatile timber panels tailored for the architect seeking beautiful interior and exterior plywood products.

Architectural Plywood covers a wide variety of different products that have a number of different qualities and ideal uses.
Below is a small selection of our diverse range of Architectural Plywood products. To view all products, see Plyco's Architectural

Plywood Catalogue.  

European Poplar Plywood  is used by the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of furniture due to its high quality, light weight, strength, ease of cutting, flexibility, low formaldehyde emissions and its environmental certification.

In particular, its Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) and E0 certification have made it very popular and perfect for environmentally responsible developments. A variation of Poplar is the Poplar Oriented Strand Board (OSB). This product is formed by layering strands of Poplar veneer at various angles and offers excellent workability.

European Poplar Plywood


Hoop Pine AC



Hoop Pine is a native Australian species, which is manufactured from sustainable and renewable log plantations in South East Queensland. Hoop Pine is known for its remarkable surface finishing capacity, which makes it an excellent substrate for high quality exterior paint, stains and sealants. 

While Hoop Pine is perfect for laser cutting, it also sees use for non-structural, interior applications such as furniture, interior door skins, ceiling linings, acoustic panels and interior walls where a high quality aesthetic finish is required.

Birch Plywood is manufactured to European standard EN635-2 with a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, which means it meets all ten principals from the FSC, including reduction of environmental impact and appropriate monitoring and assessment activities to maintain the condition of forests. 

Our Birch Premium Plywood variety is the highest quality grade available for Birch Ply. The Birch face is graded as an  A Face, which gives the product an incredible clean look with a distinct face that can be clear finished or stained. The B face may have several oval or butterfly shaped veneer patches, which replace any knotholes. 

Birch Ply sheets are recognisable by their warm, light coloured appearance and grain detail. These aesthetic qualities combined with the high structural integrity means our Birch Premium Ply is perfect for both interior and exterior applications.

Birch Premium Plywood





Decoply is an exclusive product made in our Fairfield manufacturing plant using high pressure laminate pressed onto Birch Plywood.  The panels are made to order utilising our Décor range of laminated colours. 

The different thicknesses we offer for the Decoply range from  4mm -  30mm. We currently have ten different solid laminate colours (snow, slate, orange, raven, mint, rust, sky, charcoal, cloud and cream) as well as three new woodgrain colours (white oak, graphite oak and chocolate oak). 

Strataply is a product made exclusively here at Plyco. 

Also known as "Strata Ply", Strataply is a Birch Plywood core with custom decorative timber veneer pressed on the face/ back. Our stock varieties are the American Oak, Tasmanian Oak, American Walnut and Jarrah veneers, however all other natural timber veneers can be made to order.



Bamboo Strand Woven



Bamboo Plywood is a highly versatile product that can be cut by both traditional hand tools and modern techniques, and is able to be used in numerous applications. 

Bamboo’s dense grain composition is perfect for laser cutting, etching, engraving, CNC machining or water-jet cutting and sands beautifully to provide a silky finish.


Plyco's Architectural Plywood Panels can be cut into a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your custom project needs. If you have a particular project for which you require a tailored Architectural Ply product or if you're curious to learn what's possible, click the button below. 

Architectural Plywood Panels used in the construction of a beautiful modern staircase

Architectural Plywood Applications

With such a wide variety of products falling under the banner there are a number of industries that can make ideal use of Architectural Plywood. Some of these industries include construction, kitchen and bathroom builders, furniture makers, cabinetry and joinery.

Architectural Plywood can be used for ceiling lining, furniture, shelving, panelling, doors, table lamination substrates, shop-fitting and even craft projects.