Cover image featuring Plyco's popular timber bench tops used in a commercial restaurant
Mobile cover image featuring Plyco's popular timber bench tops used in a commercial restaurant

Tabletops & Worktops

Stunning laminates and panels designed for broad application as tabletops within any residential or commercial environment.

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Laminated Tabletops

Our Decoply panels are an exclusive product made in our Fairfield manufacturing plant using high pressure laminate pressed onto Birch Plywood. Tabletops are made to order utilising our Décor range of laminated colours. The different thicknesses we offer for the Decoply range are 12, 15, 18, 24 and 30mm. 

We currently have ten different solid laminate colours (snow, slate, orange, raven, mint, rust, sky, charcoal, cloud and cream) as well as three new woodgrain colours (white oak, graphite oak and chocolate oak). 

Children's bedroom featuring a Snow (white) Decoply Laminated Tabletop from local Melbourne plywood supplier Plyco used as a desk
Plyco's Figured Eucalypt Veneered Plywood Strataply Panels featured in a commercial restaurant in Brisbane, Australia

Bamboo Tabletops

Bamboo has become an increasingly popular product, partially due to the fact that it is technically a grass. Bamboo can grow up to one metre per day and does not require re-planting after harvesting, which makes it extremely eco-friendly.

Bamboo also offers a lot of variety in aesthetic as it comes in 3 different grain types (wide grain, narrow grain and strand woven) and three different colours (natural, carbonised and multi). These different grain types and colours can be mixed and matched to suit your preferences. Bamboo comes in four thicknesses; 19mm, 25mm, 30mm and 40mm.

Veneer Tabletops

Strataply is a made to order product exclusive to Plyco. Here a selection of decorative veneers are pressed onto a Birch Plywood core, fusing the strength and integrity of Birch Plywood while providing customers with almost infinite appearance possibilities. 

Some of the standard veneers include; Plantation Oak, American Oak, American Walnut, Tasmanian Blackwood and Jarrah. As well as our stock range any commercially available veneer can be utilised.

Plyco's 32mm Premium Birch Plywood used in a commercial restaurant table tops project

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Plywood supplier Plyco's White Carrara Marble decorative 32mm Egger Worktop available to buy online used as kitchen benchtop

Decorative Worktops

Durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain, EGGER worktops are a postformed surface produced by pressing a raw chipboard substrate with a decorative laminate. 

Available in concrete, stone and timber reproductions, these superb 38mm thick worktops are suitable as kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, office desks and retail fitouts. Plyco also offers an 18mm EGGER panel featuring gorgeous timber grain laminates. 

More Tabletop Options

From super-matte, low-maintenance laminates to the timeless edging of Birch Film Face, there are a tonne of panels and sheets to suit your bench top or tabletop project. Additionally, we also offer various edging products.

If your dreams are big, contact our team or visit one of our Melbourne showrooms. One of our experienced team will be more than happy to help you discover new possibilities for your project!

Kitchen featuring cabinets, drawers and joinery from Melbourne plywood supplier Plyco's AA Hoop Pine Marine plywood panels

Tabletop Collection

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Plyco's Premium Birch 18mm Quadro panel on a white background
Premium Birch Plywood
Sale priceFrom $35.04
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's famous Premium European Birch 18mm Plywood sheet on a white background
Birch Premium Plywood (Large Sheets)
Sale priceFrom $115.29
In stock
Plyco's Orange 12mm Decoply Laminated Plywood on a white background
Laminated Birch Plywood (Decoply)
Sale priceFrom $219.54
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's NFG Blackbutt Strataply pressed on 18mm Birch Plywood featured in a Melbourne kitchen without a white background
Veneered Plywood (Strataply)
Sale priceFrom $276.76
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's 30mm Narrow Grain Carbonised Bamboo panel on a white background
Bamboo Narrow Grain
Sale priceFrom $114.51
In stock
Plyco's Mint Decor Laminate pressed onto a Birch Plywood core (Decoply) on a white background
Decor Laminate
Sale priceFrom $87.54
In stock
Face view of Plyco's new EGGER worktop/benchtop laminate in Anthracite Jura Slate on a white background
EGGER Worktop
Sale priceFrom $385.19
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's General Purpose 17mm Black Filmface on a white background
General Purpose Filmface
Sale priceFrom $88.42
In stock
18mm Charcoal Laminated Poplar plywood panel on a white background from Australian plywood supplier Plyco
Laminated Poplar Plywood
Sale priceFrom $221.91
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's raw Australian Jarrah Laminato veneer laminate on a white background
Sale priceFrom $160.99
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's raw 1mm Black Spotless Laminate on a white background
Spotless Laminate
Sale price $171.94
Re-stocking soon
Plyco's 25mm Strand Woven Multi Grain Bamboo Plywood
Bamboo Strand Woven
Sale priceFrom $502.06
Re-stocking soon

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