Plyco's antibacterial, finger-print free, matte Spotless Laminate perfect for kitchen cabinets and bench tops
Mobile header image featuring Plyco's antibacterial, finger-print free, matte Spotless Laminate perfect for kitchen cabinets and bench tops

Spotless Laminate

A matte laminate range boasting anti-bacterial, heat-resistant and anti-fingerprint technology perfect for kitchen benchtops and cabinetry.

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Next Generation Laminates

Plyco’s Spotless Laminate range is a new addition to our ever-expanding collection of laminated panels, bringing a host of new benefits that opens a world of possibilities. Currently available in both black and white colour options, but with a growing collection of colours, this product can be laminated onto a variety of substrates.

Spotless Laminate Applications

Spotless Laminate is a perfect option for most industries. Thanks to its stunning finish it can be used for a wide range of architectural purposes and in almost any situation where a high quality and visually pleasant finish is required. The physical qualities of the laminate also mean it is perfect for projects where there will be a lot of human contact with the surface. 

Spotless Laminate can be used for anything from kitchen benchtops and counters, through to cabinetry, seating and numerous other furniture applications. If you’re looking for a product that will give you that extra wow-factor when it comes to looks, while also being durable and maintaining those visual characteristics for a long time, Spotless Laminate won’t let you down.  

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