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Marine Plywood

A range of Marine Grade Plywood for aquatic applications that includes Pacific Maple Marine and Gaboon Marine Plywood.

Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood is manufactured with a durable face and core veneers with few defects so it is able to withstand humid and wet conditions for longer. It is also designed to resist delaminating and fungal attacks. 

You’ll find very little core gap here in order to limit the amount of water that becomes trapped inside the plywood, which helps to provide a stable glue bond. The durable face and core veneers combined with the limited core gap and stable glue bond means that Marine Plywood is essentially water proof, when used according to the manufacturers recommendations.

We stock two different standards of marine plywood: British Standard and Australian Standard.

Premium lightweight marine plywood, Gaboon Marine Ply
Pacific Maple Marine Plywood sheets from Plyco

Our Pacific Maple Marine Plywood is manufactured to British Standards BS1088 and is made from sustainable mixed hardwood species. It is also certified under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) system.

This means the product adheres to all eight of the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) conventions and follows guidelines on sustainable forest management. 

Hoop Pine AA Marine

Another Marine Plywood product we provide is the Hoop Pine Marine, which is manufactured to Australian Standard. It is often referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of plywood as it’s constructed using the highest grade veneers for its face and core.

Hoop Pine Marine is manufactured from selected veneer based on density, bending strength, impact resistance, very minimal gaps and surface finishing capabilities. To top it all off it is manufactured to and has a permanent Type A phenolic bond, which helps water proof the product and allow it to withstand wet environments, when used according to the manufacturers recommendations.

Plyco Hoop Pine AA Marine Plywood Panels
Gaboon Marine Plywood Panels available from Plyco online

Plyco also offers beautiful Gaboon Marine Plywood panels which are the perfect choice for boat building applications and exterior applications where a high quality architectural finish is required.

Marine Plywood Collection


Plyco's Marine Panels can be cut into a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your custom project needs. If you have a particular project for which you require a tailored Marine Plywood product or if you're curious to learn what's possible, click the button below. 

Marine Plywood Customers

Due to its fantastic ability to withstand moisture and wet environments, marine plywood is suited for boat builders, as the name suggests, or those who are looking for a product which can withstand a high-moisture environment.

Marine plywood can be used for anything from boats and docks to any sort of construction that will need to deal with water and moisture constantly. And when using Australian made Hoop Pine Marine you also have a certified Structural rating.