Pyrography project featuring Melbourne laser plywood supplier Plyco's 3mm Legnoply
Pyrography project featuring Melbourne laser cutting plywood supplier Plyco's 3mm Victorian Ash Legnoply

Legendary Legnoply

Our latest laser cutting range range offering an engineered poplar core, exotic timber veneers, light weight and consistent thickness. What a package!

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What Is Legnoply?

Legnoply represents the next step in our push to meet the evolving needs of our laser cutting community. This new collection comprises a total of six stunning timber veneers pressed onto an FSC Certified, engineered Italian Poplar core. Combining E0 adhesives with an engineered Poplar core, Legnoply offers increased stability and a lighter weight alternative to our famous Micropanel and Laserply Products.

With a lighter, stronger finished product it's possible to imagine new applications for the range. From gravity defining jewellery to more robust signage that's easier to install, the possibilities are infinite. And with exotic timber veneers not found on any other ready-made Plyco panels, this range will be as eye-catching as ever.

Product benefits of local plywood supplier Plyco's Legnoply panels for laser cutting and engraving
Melbourne plywood manufacturer Plyco's 1.2mm Western Australian Jarrah woodgrain laminate used in an Australian kitchen renovation

Legnoply Options

Legnoply ships in six unique timber veneers: American Cherry, Queensland Coachwood, Queensland Cherry, Canadian Rock Maple, Victorian Ash and European White Ash. The Plyco experts have sought to strike a balance between exotic foreign species and those proudly sourced from Australia!

All Legnoply products are made right here in Australia. Using local labour, all timber veneers are pressed onto the engineered poplar core using E0 adhesives at our Melbourne manufacturing facility. Legnoply is also available in a prepackaged six-pack that ships the next business day! 

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