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Image of Plyco's White Melamine High Moisture Resistant Particleboard

This Plyco product is comprised of a high quality particleboard with a white melamine surface bonded to both sides. With a clean, hard-wearing surface, melamine boards are suitable for internal cabinetry, draws or shelving.

Options: Standard (STD) and High Moisture Resistant (HMR/MR) options
Finish: Velvet 
Sheet sizes: 2400 x 1200mm up to 3600 x 1800mm
Thicknesses: Range from 12mm - 18mm
Applications: Cabinetry, fit outs, shelving

If you're searching for a Black Melamine option, you can view our Black Melamine Particle Board in store for Particle Board further options. Alternatively, check out our Standard Particle Board, Particle Board Flooring or treat yourself with our beautiful Timber Veneer Particle Board products.

Store Pickup: Free forever. Pickup is from our Fairfield Factory.

Courier Delivery: Dynamic rate generated at checkout. Only available for 1200 x 600mm "Quadro" panels with a maximum collective weight of 25kg. Delivers Australia wide.

Victorian Select: Flat $50 delivery on any product(s) for all Melbourne Metro, Geelong & Phillip Island customers. For customers in Geelong & Phillip Island, a $100 minimum order applies (excluding shipping costs).

Truck Delivery: Dynamic rate generated at checkout. Available on all orders and delivers Australia wide. Note: as prices are displayed for retail customers, they include a mandatory $75 hydraulic tailgate fee from the freight company. If you're shipping to a commercial address and have a forklift onsite, contact us directly to arrange a cheaper shipping solution. 

Still have more shipping questions? Click here for more shipping information.

We strive to have the most precise inventory count in our industry. Our delivery goal is to have orders shipped on the second working day after receiving the order, anywhere in Australia. 

However, should an order of multiple products contain one that is temporarily out of stock, we will provide all customers the option of receiving either:

(1) Two Deliveries: Shipping all available products together in one delivery and shipping the out of stock product(s) at the soonest availability at no extra shipping cost.

(2) Single Delivery: Shipping the total order as a single delivery as soon as all products become available. 

The below is an estimation of Quadro product weights for customers to assess if their order falls within the maximum 25kg for courier shipping rates. Orders greater than 25kg will ship via trucking freight.

Please note that plywood can vary considerably in weight and the below is an estimate.

Approximate Quadro Weights: 1mm: 1kg / 3mm: 2kg / 4mm: 2.5kg / 6mm: 4kg / 9mm: 5kg / 12mm: 7kg / 18mm: 10kg / 24mm: 12kg


White Melamine Particle Board

$78.72 (GST incl)

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