Please read before arranging a Plyco, "Local Delivery".

Plyco’s preferred delivery option is to premises that have forklift unloading facilities however we do understand that hand unloading may be required. In these instances, Plyco’s delivery vehicle will endeavour to get as close to the location where the delivery is to be unloaded. A safe unloading area is essential.

Driveways, carports, and garages are deemed safe. Roads and high pedestrian traffic locations are not ideal; however, our driver will make the final decision as to the safe location for the safe hand unload of your product. If the vehicle is unable to get close to the location, our driver will park where it is safe and legal to do so at a reasonable distance from the delivery location.

Plyco drivers are never authorised to deliver inside or into the back yard of residential premises. Drivers are not authorised to lean/rest goods against any other property other than the delivery address despite what the customer may request.

Because of the size and weight of our products, there MUST be suitable people on site to assist in the unloading of the goods. The exception is our 1200 x 600mm sheets and/or accessories. Customers will be contacted prior to delivery to ensure assistance on site.

If there is no-one to assist in the unloading of the goods, the Plyco driver may use their own discretion relating to safely unloading the goods off the truck or returning to Plyco and arranging an alternative delivery time where another delivery fee will be charged if prior arrangements were made for assistance.

Payment of the delivery fee is an acceptance that this disclaimer has been read and understood by the customer.