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Quadro Plywood

Our collection of premium plywood perfect for cabinetry, joinery, laser cutting and a host of DIY applications.

The Quadro Collection features smaller, easy to transport sheets of Premium Plywood that come in handy 1200 x 600mm panels.

About the Collection

Coming in handy 1200 x 600mm panels, Plyco’s Quadro panels are the perfect solution for those who may be doing DIY projects and don’t require a larger sheet. Additionally, the size of these products provides customers with the flexibility and ease of transport.

Alternatively, these sheets are available for purchase in our online store and can be delivered to you either in Melbourne or Australia wide. While our Quadro Collection is available in standardised sizing, we still offer several thicknesses to help best suit your needs.

Plyco's Eucalypt Plywood panel product in our Quadro Collection
Tasmanian Oak on Birch Plywood panel in Plyco's Quadro Collection

Quadro Range

Our range includes raw, veneered, and laser grade plywood. You can choose from 1.5mm – 30mm depending on the plywood species.

We stock American Oak, American Walnut, Beech, Tasmanian Oak, Blackwood, Jarrah, American Cherry, Myrtle, Silky Oak, Blackbutt, Queensland Maple and Sapele veneers. Alternatively, if you have a specific veneer in mind that you would like pressed onto your Quadro panel we are more than happy to accommodate your request as long as we are able to source the product. 

Quadro Plywood Collection


Plyco's Quadro Panels can be cut into a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your custom project needs. If you have a particular project for which you require a tailored Quadro Plywood product or if you're curious to learn what's possible, click the button below. 

Quadro Plywood Customers

The Quadro Collection features smaller sized panels which are convenient for those that are undertaking DIY projects around the home and don’t have a means of transporting larger sheets. 

Similarly, customers also have the benefit of purchasing our Quadro Collection from our online store and having it delivered straight to their door! As the Quadro Collection uses our Birch Premium Plywood they’re still perfect for people in industries such as furniture making, shop-fitting and joinery.