Particle Board (Standard / High Moisture Resistant)


Sheet Size: 2400 x 1200mm
Thickness: 12mm
Moisture Resistance: Standard

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Particleboard is a high density, strongly bonded economical general purpose board made of large wood particles in the core and finer particles on the sanded surfaces. It is an ideal substrate for laminating and veneering.

High Moisture Resistance (HMR) Particleboard is also available for applications in moisture prone areas.

Applications: Shelving, furniture, table lamination substrate, storage containers
Thickness Range (STD): 12mm - 25mm
Thickness Range (HMR): 15mm - 33mm

If you're feeling like combining function with beauty, Plyco has an extensive range of additional Particleboard products. We offer a range of Black Melamine Particleboard, White Melamine Particleboard, Particleboard Flooring and luxurious Timber Veneered Particle Boards.


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