As of July 1st 2023, Plyco's laser cutting and engraving collection will see a price rise in order to accommodate increasing supplier costs.
The following price updates will occur:

Product Increase
Laserply American Walnut 10%
Laserply Bamboo 6%
Laserply Basswood No change
Laserply Beech 10%
Laserply Birch 6%
Laserply Blackwood 10%
Laserply Eucalypt 10%
Laserply Poplar 10%
Laserply Hoop Pine (4mm) 6%
Laserply Hoop Pine (other) 10%
Laserply Jarrah 10%
Laserply Radiata No change
Laserply Sassafrass 10%
Legnoply ALL (singles and packs) 6%
Micropanel ALL (singles and packs) 6%
Plyco apologises for the necessity of this price increase. We will continue to support our loyal laser cutting and engraving community with our 10-pack discount. Our current price list can be downloaded here.