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An image of Plyco's European Beech Laserply
European Beech Laser Plywood is a product designed and manufactured exclusively at Plyco to meet the requirements of our 3D modelling and laser cutting customer applications. Beech is frequently the customers first choice for applications such as business cards and event invitations due to its' consistently clean laser cutting results combined with exceptionally high quality natural beech veneer faces. This product contains formaldehyde free glue adhesives.

Face Grade: 
A Front / B Back
Bond: C-Bond (Interior)
Applications: 3D models, cake toppers, key tags, invitations, jewellery, business cards, bookmarks, plaques and signage.

Also available at Plyco is a 1200 x 600mm Beech Laserply alternative from our Quadro plywood collection.

Beech Laserply (1200 x 1200mm)


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