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Batman & Robin. Salt & pepper. Peanut butter & jelly. Plywood & tools. What do all of these things have in common? They’re all dynamic duos that work perfectly together. You can get along okay with just one of the pair, but the ultimate satisfaction comes from when they’re combined to make the ultimate team. Obviously, here at Plyco, we have you covered when it comes to any possible need you could have when it comes to sheets of Plywood, but to take full advantage you’re going to need a set of amazing tools! This week we wanted to look at some tools that are either awesome, underrated, essential or all of the above for being a plywood prodigy.

1. A Sturdy and Reliable Workbench 

Seems obvious, right? If you’re going to be working with wood you’re going to need a workbench. However, it’s important to keep in mind that just any old bench isn’t going be ideal in assisting you on your way to being a woodworking warrior. If you’re trying to craft a masterpiece and the literal foundations you’re building on are flimsy, unstable or unreliable you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle. The best thing about this necessary woodworking tool is that you can quite literally build it yourself! Not only will you be creating an essential resource for yourself going forward, but you’ll also get to flex those plywood muscles. It can also be incredibly cheap to make it yourself, which is an awesome added bonus.

2. Protective Equipment

Another one that sounds obvious but having some top-notch safety and protective equipment is so vital. As a beginner, it’s so easy to make mistakes and having a line of defence for if things go pear-shaped is a no-brainer (well, for most people at least), but it’s equally as important for plywood veterans. Just because you’re proficient with wood and tools doesn’t mean safety should be sacrificed. It only takes a split-second mistake to occur, resulting in disaster ensuing, so having proper eye protection, ear protection and some way to handle all the dust you’ll be making will save you big time! Protective guards on power operated tools should also be a high priority on your list of needs.

3. A Chisel

This is one tool that might go overlooked until the perfect opportunity arises and you’re empty-handed. A quality chisel is such a great tool because it has so many possible uses. Whether it’s for carving out notches, cutting grooves and corners, shaving rough surfaces, creating dovetails or just removing glue and caulk, a chisel by your side is always a good idea. While there are top of the range chisels that have their benefits, the beauty of this versatile tool is that you can pick one up cheap! A multipurpose tool that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Sounds like a winning combination to us.

4. Jigsaw

Now we don’t mean the puzzle, nor do we mean the antagonist from the Saw franchise of films. A jigsaw is something that even a beginner woodworker can add to their collection and see brilliant results from on their sheets of plywood. Having a jigsaw on hand allows you to implement curved and circular patterns into your plywood, rather than stick standard straight cuts that you would get from a handsaw or circular saw. Being able to make these types of cuts opens you up to a whole new world of possibility and can take your woodworking from being very rigid and straightforward, to full of creativity and experimentation even if you’re only just starting out.

5. Random Orbital Sander

The random orbital sander carries a bit of straight name. Do you really want a tool that has the word “random” in its name? That initially sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster. In reality, it’s one of the best tools you can have at your disposal. When sanding a sheet of plywood with sandpaper you need to take extra care of the grain direction, however, the circular movement of an orbital sander almost completely eliminates this potential hassle and will massively reduce the chance of leaving sanding marks. It’s also great because of how well it can handle edges and corners. Say goodbye to the painstaking time and effort of sanding down those tough and awkward edges! Not to mention the fact that it is powered means it is so much faster than having to do it the old-fashioned way. Sanding is one of the less glamorous parts of woodworking, so anything that can cut it down is positive in our books!

Put those tools to use on some Plywood

These are just 5 tools that are essential to anybody who wants to work with plywood, but there is a whole trove of other handy tools out there waiting to be discovered and used to their potential. Why not come visit us at our Fairfield showroom or jump over to our online store and browse our range of products. Our plywood sheets are the perfect match for any and all of these tools!

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