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The team here at Plyco are always looking to expand our already expansive range of laminated timber panels. We’re always trying to innovate and stay up to date with rapidly rising stars within the industry. These endeavours are exactly the reason why we were so excited when we were able to bring the Spotless Laminate collection into the Plyco family. While a lot of our plywood products are industry leading in terms of the technology and manufacturing methods used, our Spotless Laminate is on a whole other level.

What sets Plyco’s Spotless Laminate apart from other timber laminate products is the scientific engineering that has been put into the laminate here. So many extraordinary features have been squeezed into this single laminate that it’s actually hard to believe one product could offer so much!

Plyco's Black Spotless Laminate

The first thing you notice about the Spotless Laminate once you get your hands on it is the super-smooth matte finish. This is arguably the smoothest finish you’ll find when it comes to timber laminates, and customers can never seem to get enough of it when they go hands-on with one of our samples. You’d think with so many hands clamouring to touch it that the product would quickly become filled with marks and fingerprints, however, Spotless Laminate is created with anti-fingerprint technology. No matter how much you try, you’ll never find a single trace of human touch here.

Fortunately, the matte finish isn’t just there to feel good when you touch it; it also gives any project a classy and elegant finishing touch. When you’re looking for something to take your project from looking great to looking spectacular, Spotless Laminate should be your first choice.

Stunning and sleek lockers using Plyco's Black Spotless Laminate

Once you’ve finished a project, particularly if it’s a DIY job around your very own house, you ideally don’t want to have to worry about the upkeep of your chosen product all the time. With Plyco’s Spotless Laminate you almost don’t ever have to worry about it. Firstly, all the sheets of our Spotless Laminate are designed to be anti-bacterial. This allows the finish to be resistant against household cleaning products as well as preventing the growth of bacteria and mould, meaning your sheets will look stunning well into the future.

Withstanding the Australian sun can also be a tough challenge for some laminates, but that couldn’t be further from the case here. The dry heat resistance allows it to be exposed to high temperatures without the laminate becoming damaged. This feature makes it a great option for things like kitchen benchtops! Similarly, Spotless Laminate is designed to resistant against fading when exposed to direct sunlight. With this feature, you’ll never have to worry about your design losing its colour over time.

A recption area fitted out with Plyco's Black Spotless Laminate

Finally, many of the applications customers use our Spotless Laminate for, see a lot of action. Each sheet has a high rating for impact resistance, meaning it will easily withstand regular usage, while also fighting back against any potential scratches or abrasions.

You’ll also find that our Spotless Laminate can be applied to both our Birch and MDF substrates.

With all of these amazing features rolled into one neat package, there are so many different projects and applications that can take full advantage of our Spotless Laminate. Whether it’s kitchen benchtops and counters, cabinetry, or a whole variety of furniture, our Spotless Black or White Laminate will give your project that extra special look.

Plyco's White Spotless Laminate

Does all of this sound too good to be true? Well, we don’t blame you for thinking so! That’s why we offer samples that we can send out of both our black and white Spotless Laminate, so you can judge it for yourself. Just give us a call, or get in touch through social media or email and we'll have samples delivered to your door! Alternatively, you can pay us a visit in our Fairfield showroom to get a more in-depth look at not just the Spotless Laminate, but ALL of our plywood products.

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