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The Plyco plywood and veneer blog provides tips, tricks, advice and inspiration for completing DIY, architectural & professional projects. Expert plywood product tutorials and catalogue updates will have you completing your project in no time.

Why is bamboo such an environmentally friendly option for your next project?

Here at Plyco bamboo is one of the many products we offer to our hardworking customers. Whether it’s our Bamboo Laserply variety or the Strand Woven, Carbonised, Narrow Grain or Wide Grain offerings, we are absolutely in love with everything bamboo offers.
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How is Plywood Made?

Plywood is something almost everybody has heard of, but do you know how it’s made? Sure, you might know the very basics of Plywood being made up of three or more thin layers of wood brought together with an adhesive, but what really goes into making Plyco’s Decoply?
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What is Plywood?

Sure, just about every man and his dog has heard of Plywood before, but what is it actually? Most people wouldn’t be able to muster more than a simple “it’s a type of wood” response.
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